I pulled this shirt out of the dryer this morning. I’ve had it for exactly 30 years. First of all, shout out to #patagonia for making high quality clothing that lasts for decades. Second, I was overwhelmed with memories and emotions when I looked at it. It’s been all over North America with me on so many adventures: dogsledding in interior Alaska, rafting the Grand Canyon, skiing the spectacular backcountry of Utah mountains, and sailing the coast of British Columbia, to name a few. I have newer shirts now that serve the same purpose, but I will never give up this shirt because of the memories it holds about things so important to my identity.

When you lead change in your organization, don’t underestimate the #emotionalattachment many of your people (including you), have to systems, processes, and ways of doing business that have been around for a long time, even if newer, better versions are available. And let’s be honest: often the old ways of doing things need to go. Full stop. But if your team is polarized around a change, find out what the people who are opposed to it are afraid of losing. Identify those #oldshirts and see what you can do to reassure your people. Better yet, is there an essence of tradition which is still healthy, that you can keep?