Building your mental fitness to help you achieve your goals.

Are you a leader striving for excellence in your organization, improved productivity, and healthier working relationships?

I offer in-depth 1:1 guidance that is tailored specifically to your goals, helping you build on the strength of your leadership skills and contribute significantly to the health and success of your organization.

It has been said that each traveler through the same land sees a different landscape. Your strengths and weaknesses combine to make your leadership style – and your organization – unique. Let me help you build on what you do best, while I support you to face your challenges honestly and without self-judgment. Avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety in your role as a leader, and learn to give your team what they need to be productive and willing team members.


1:1 Coaching

I specialize in 1:1 Executive Coaching of C-suite and upper level managers, politicians and their senior staff, and business owners.

The executive coaching relationship is based on the goals of the client, the insights of both client and coach, and the goals of the company. Executive coaching helps executives and managers be more effective leaders of their teams, which can decrease turnover, improve team morale and inspire greater productivity and synergy. It helps leaders and their teams stay focused on the development and growth of their organization and themselves.

Positive Intelligence

I incorporate the science and operating system of Positive Intelligence into my approach to Executive Coaching

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Leadership & Management

  • Learn the fundamentals of effective leadership
  • Broaden your style and strengths as a manager
  • Practice effective decision-making
  • Leverage the risks and benefits of the management structure of your company
  • Increase initiative, alignment, and accountability throughout your organization

Stress Management for Leaders

  • Learn the importance of stress management for effective leadership
  • Understand and practice basic stress management tools
  • Recognize the signs of burnout and learn how to avoid it
  • Develop a stress management plan for yourself and/or your workplace
  • Examine the heart of your own stress and find the courage to make changes that protect your own health and well-being