Ms. Sayers is an outstanding facilitator. She helped our Medical Staff Association Board develop a workable strategic plan, and helped us to become more effective in engaging physicians and allied professionals. She quickly identified ways for us to be focussed, deliberate, and task-oriented. Moreover, she helped us work better as a group. As a surgeon at Vancouver General Hospital, an educator at University of British Columbia, and an administrator at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, I am pleased to provide Ms. Sayers with my highest endorsement and recommendation. Ms. Sayers earned our trust quickly. She has incredible people skills, and I look forward to working with her again.

Dr. Alexander L. Lee, Board Member & Treasurer, Vancouver Medical and Dental Staff Association, Vancouver Physician Staff Association

Alison was the facilitator of our Annual General Meeting. She did a superb job of managing a very difficult meeting. She handled contentious issues with great skill, focus, and clarity. We were fortunate to have her valuable expertise and skills to help us achieve a successful outcome.

Vita Luthmers, Board Member, West Kootenay Women’s Association, Nelson, B.C.

Alison facilitated our management team year-end debrief and planning. We walked away with numerous ideas on guidelines and structure for future meetings, and increased awareness of interpersonal communication…we all learned new skills and developed more self-confidence in approaching other managers and our employees with difficult issues.

Trevor H., Executive Assistant (former), Global Expeditions, Inc.

Alison did an excellent job facilitating our first-ever board retreat. We had a very productive session and made good progress in setting goals and defining the mission of the Chamber.

Ken H., Board member, Fruita Chamber of Commerce

Working with Alison is an absolute pleasure. She is a skilled and objective consultant who makes her clients feel comfortable while encouraging them to think in new and creative ways. She brings with her a wealth of experience on a wide variety of issues, is always incredibly prepared, pays attention to the details, and is able to thoroughly grasp the big picture of the situation.

Laurie Schneider, Project Director, Rocky Mountain Center for Health Promotion and Education

I knew how I wanted things to be in my business, but I didn’t have the time, energy, or know-how to make changes. Alison helped us set goals and develop a strategy to reach them. Our work together clarified responsibilities, fostered teamwork, and created open and frank conversation. Alison has an ever-present ease and grace with people when the going gets challenging.

Shirley O’Kelly, owner (former), Moab Property Management

Alison has been invaluable in guiding our board of trustees in planning for and addressing challenges and opportunities for our outdoor education organization. Her approach is both inspirational and practical. Alison is a very good listener; she is candid yet tactful, and is supportive in helping our group to reach decisions that work for CFI. She is also remarkably effective at synthesizing group discussion. She is committed to organizational follow-through as well as evaluation of the process and her services.

Karla Van der Zanden, Executive Director, Canyonlands Field Institute

Since I have begun working with Alison, I am viewing life with more enthusiasm. Alison is fully engaged with me; she listens and provides me with clarity and empowerment about my personal and professional life. I am better able to achieve my goals, and I have new courage to take on difficult challenges while leading with my head and heart together, not just my emotions. I feel inspired energized, and focused. I look forward to many more sessions, as I grow and reach for my exciting vision of my future!

Laurie G., manager

Progressive management workshops from [Alison] are a must for everyone who works with clients, customers, and/or employees. Alison trained the management team of our small oil and gas consulting group the polished skills of effective communication, employee relations, and client interaction. A workshop with Alison should be a requirement for everyone.

Don H., business owner

The mediation work we did with Alison enabled us to break through the barriers that were limiting our ability to evolve and succeed. We now understand the value of positive, constructive communication a nd how essential it is for the health of our organization.

Sarah Bauman, Co-Founder/Board Treasurer, WabiSabi Non-profit Thriftique

Alison’s successful facilitation of our monthly meeting has enabled each member organization and individual to have a voice. She has brought us together in a way that supports each organization as well as the group as a whole. More importantly, the process is engaging and fun! It is my favorite meeting, and I go to many meetings each month!

Peggy N., member, Grand County Comprehensive Prevention Advisory Group

The work of Alison Kennedy-Sayers proved invaluable to our organization. Her thoughtful processes guided us towards greater clarity and organizational insight...just what we were looking for. In addition, her training better prepared us to handle change, conflict, and growth as individuals and an organization. We were able to work out difficult answers, but more importantly, we better know how to phrase the important questions. She is a master of her art.

Bruce Hucko, Chair (former), Moab Arts Council

A few of Alison's valued clients: