Creating a dynamic meeting environment in which your team can flourish

Does it feel like your team stops and smells too many flowers during a meeting? Do you veer off the agenda to explore paths that might seem interesting, yet have nothing to do with your goal? Do your meetings feel like sailing in uncharted waters or like you can't see the forest for the trees?

I can help your team get out of the sometimes gnarly woods of unproductive team meetings, and get you back on the path of productive, interesting, and lively discussion that gets you to your business goals faster. Avoid wasting time and resources. Let me help you get your meetings done quickly and efficiently, while still giving everyone a chance to be heard.

Your time is too important to waste on meetings that fail to deliver results and do not accomplish objectives. My knowledge, experience, and dynamic facilitation creates an environment in which your team can flourish, keeping your group engaged and inspired. 



Facilitating Productive Meetings

  • Learn basic meeting preparation skills
  • Practice excellent facilitator behavior
  • Identify and avoid common pitfalls of facilitation
  • Prepare yourself to deal with difficult meeting situations
  • Improve your facilitator's toolbox in order to further develop your signature facilitation style

Mission, Vision and Strategic Planning

  • Craft meaningful and achievable mission and vision statements
  • Develop skills for building an effective plan on a solid foundation
  • Apply sustainable planning practices to plans that will guide you for many years
  • Leverage your plan to help create organizational alignment and motivate staff and board members
  • Identify critical aspects of your organization that should be included in your plan