Sayers Consulting exists to help leaders and teams create meaningful, lasting change in their work and in their communities, by offering in-depth guidance that is customized specifically to the unique needs of each client.

About me

Alison Kennedy Sayers is a behavioural scientist with over 20 years experience guiding leaders and teams through the wilderness of working together. As a former outdoor educator, wilderness guide, local government politician, and commercial farmer, she brings a wide breadth of experience, knowledge, and creativity to every client and project. She holds an MA in Behavioural Science from Basytr University’s Leadership Institute of Seattle (now affiliated with Saybrook University), a BA from Prescott College, and a Certificate in Women In Leadership from Cornell University. She is currently enrolled in the Positive Intelligence certification program for executive coaches.

"Watching leaders grow and come into their own in ways that improve their companies and communities is an inspiring process to watch," Alison said, "and being a partner in that growth is a real honour."

In 2018, Alison and her family relocated to the beautiful town of Nelson in the Kootenays region of British Columbia, Canada. “Small towns are interconnected” and Alison points out that everyone’s good work has a positive impact on the whole community.

Alison enjoys spending time with her husband and sons, hiking, biking, skiing, and playing with her dogs in the beautiful Kootenays.