My husband and I recently bought a 100% electric car. Meet Eva. That’s us in the photo: me showing her some love in a snowstorm. As is typical for me and my husband, we took on the adventure of electric car ownership before we were completely set up to own one. No 240V outlet anywhere near our carport, no heated garage to keep her battery nice and warm, and sketchy Canadian winter mountain roads on which to learn one-pedal driving. But you know what? We are figuring it out and we couldn’t be happier that we took the risk. As #earlyadopters of the changeover to a fossil fuel-free world, we are ambassadors of this change that we will all need to embrace very soon.

What changes are you leading in your workplace? Who are your #earlyadopters? It can be tempting to focus on your employees who are resistant to the change (there are always some of those!), and waste a lot of time and energy trying to convince them of the wisdom of your efforts. Instead, focus on celebrating and amplifying the voices and the efforts of the people who believe in what you are doing and are putting it into practice. They will help you do what you can’t possibly do alone: carry your organization forward into a better, brighter future.

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